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Cametria Hill is a personal chef, caterer, food blogger, freelance journalist, multi-media artist and content creator. Now residing in Los Angeles after spending the last 14 years in Brooklyn, she has honed her cooking chops in some of the most renowned vegan companies and food festivals in NYC .

Growing up in Houston , Texas surrounded by what she describes as the four best food types on Earth : Mexican, Soul Food, BBQ, and Cajun, she takes all that lineage and transforms them into a plant-based Southern innovation.

When she’s not in the kitchen, she’s shredding on the guitar or watching documentaries which she is admittedly obsessed with. Follow Cametria on Instagram as thevoluptuous_vegan, on Tumblr @ caminatrix.tumblr.com, on Twitter @cametria_hill  as  and on Facebook as www.facebook.com/camthevoluptuousvegan/.